The Strip will operate on the airport runway which is nearly a mile long and fantastically wide, around 45 metres/147ft across. The Strip surface is super smooth and drag-race industry professionals will implement and oversee all safety measures, including the track design, spectator control, and the general well-being of the event. The Strip provides plenty of space for two cars to run side-by-side and there is half-a-mile of track after the quarter mile dash in which to safely slow down.

There will be at least three categories in which you can participate, with prizes awarded in each class. The categories are: Cat 1 for Quickest 'Modified' Car; Cat 2 for Quickest Hypercar; and Cat 3 for Quickest Supercar. The number of vehicles allowed to participate on The Strip throughout the day is limited to 100 cars.
Each competitor will have the chance to run The Strip three times to achieve his or her fastest quarter mile.
There will be live interviews with drivers at the end of each of their runs.

To make the event even more competitive, supercar dealers have the opportunity to sponsor customers and friends, so for example, we may see two cars side-by-side on The Strip, one sponsored by, say, Premier GT and the other sponsored by Super Vettura. In such duels, trophies will be presented to the driver and - where relevant - the sponsor as well.

Winners and runners-up trophies will be awarded based on the number of seconds taken to cover the quarter mile as well as the vehicle’s ultimate terminal velocity. So if you make a bad start, but attain a high terminal velocity, you will become a prize winner!
Likewise, reach a lower terminal velocity, but set a spectacularly quick time, and you will be a winner.

When placing an entry to compete on The Strip, your entry will be considered by a panel to determine if your car is eligible and can be accommodated into the desired mix of entires. The panel’s decision is final and cannot not be appealed. All entries will be finalised on 30 March 2019. You are requested and strongly advised to get YOUR entry in NOW! No entry fee will be required until your entry is approved. All competing drivers and their passengers are required to attend a safety and general-policy briefing. Competitors must hold a current UK, European or other valid driver's licence. All cars must be road legal and proof of a valid MOT will be required in the case of cars over three years old. The noise limit is 108dB(A) static.

Examples of Types of Eligible Cars

Note All Entries Must be Street Legal

Entry Fees

The Strip (one practice run and 3 timed runs) £285 including full hospitality in the VIP enclosure (payment required by 22 April 2019 on approval of your entry).