We Said 'Yes' But Regulations Said 'No' – Notice of Event Cancellation

During an intensive week (commencing Monday 29 January) of examining our position in relation to regulations for straight-line motorsport, we have reluctantly had to make the decision to cancel the Blackbushe event. Most critically, what has come to light is that many of the supercars that we had expected to see running The Strip would be required to have an approved rally standard roll cage. This regulation seemingly applies to vehicles that are capable of 10.5 seconds or better for a standing quarter mile. Therefore many Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens – let alone much faster supercars – would require modifications that would be unacceptable to most supercar participants.

This and other matters that have come to light during the week commencing 29/01/19 leave us with no alternative than to cancel the event. Our ambition had been to run a 'live' event as opposed to a static display of supercars. However, safety and compliance with regulations have always been paramount and the use of a non-motorsport venue has added to the complexities.